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The RAND Corporation has published a compelling blog post discussing the need to focus Infrastructure Investment on improving resiliency, in light of the fragility of critical infrastructure seen during recent events associated with natural phenomena (e.g. the collapse of the Texas electric grid during a polar vortex) and man-made (e.g. cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline).  The article makes a compelling case that Infrastructure must focus on those elements of our Transportation and Infrastructure system that ensure resiliency.   

“Investing more in infrastructure resilience, the ability to reduce the impacts of disruptive events, could generate dividends in terms of avoiding damages. As a result, investments in resilience tend to pay for themselves over time. However, generating those dividends will necessitate not only large infrastructure funding packages, but also thinking critically about how and where those dollars are used.

The GBAIC supports this position emphatically.  Modernizing safety critical aviation infrastructure needs to be at or near the top of the priority list for Infrastructure Investment.

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